What is SophiaTX?

SophiaTX (SPHTX)



Consultants, digital strategist, IT professionals and executives, mostly have one aim in mind, to reshape business models across industries. If you are one of them, your dream can be easily fulfilled using the SophiaTX platform. The SophiaTX platform is a platform tailored for these kinds of experts, the platform can be used to extend traditional applications like CRM, ERP, and others using a collaborative and decentralized blockchain capabilities. It is also an open source platform.

What are the benefits of SophiaTX?

The main benefits of SophiaTX include:

Realistic use cases for implementation

The platform focuses on extending ERP and enterprise applications with solutions for today’s pain-points. The use case also drives efficiency and deliver cost saving benefits to users. The success of the platform relies on an ecosystem of experienced professionals, large community of IT development, right advisory team and consulting communities.

Brings two communities together

The aim of the SophiaTX is the bridge the gap between business models and the Blockchain technology bringing the two together and achieving a strong bond. The platform offers a simplified process to allow businesses to integrate the blockchain technology into core enterprise architecture and applications through the use of APIs.

It is a blockchain for business

SophiaTX wants to revolutionize the business industry by offer revolutionary blockchain platform and marketplace that allows an enterprise to integrate application and find solutions. They offer businesses a way to cover major ERP, SCM and CRM systems across multiple industries into one collaborative environment.

Feature of SophiaTX

Fit for Business

The platform leverages the power of smart contracts, and share information across value chains. It also improves collaboration, shortens cycle times, provides micro-services and disrupts and innovate industry among other things.


All processes and transactions on the platform are secure, immutable and traceable through the use of advanced encryption and total anonymity. Users will allow benefit from business compliance and suitable mining for both public and private businesses.

SophiaTX token

The SophiaTX platform uses the SPHTX token as its fuel. The token generation event (TGE) started on 7th December 2017 and concluded recently. 500 million SPHTX token was made available. 35% of the token went to development, operation, team and marketing, 30% to TGE and another 30% mining. 5% will be used for future SPHTX TGE.


SophiaTX is led by CEO Jaroslav Kacina, CTO Martyn Harler, Platform Developer Lead Kok Weng Choo and lead Architect Marian Rajnic among others.


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