What is Sonm?

Sonm (SNM)





Supercomputer Organized by Network mining or SONM is an Ethereum-based network. Sonm is a universal fog Ethereum-based supercomputer that provides globally distributed computing power. The goal of the project is to provide a cost-effective and safe way to run computing workloads. The workloads are general as users can run scientific calculations, game servers or other computing workloads using their free marketplace.

Over the past decade, Cloud computing has been growing rapidly, SONM aims to move past the cloud computing and tap into the ETH and Blockchain marketplace. They want to go past cloud computing in an efficient fog computing world. Since it is a decentralized computing power, it reduces the need for administration, infrastructure, and buildings. This means better access to processing power and cheaper cost for those who need it. In simple terms, SONM wants to make things easier for anyone who wants the power of supercomputers even if they want to have access to government institutions or the university institutions with a supercomputer.

Uses of Sonm

Here are some of the places you can use the SONM platform according to the Sonm official website:

Sonm Video explanation

Site hosting

The cost of web hosting can be high depending on the type of Web hosting Company you are using, however SONM offer website owners web hosting services at a reduced cost depending on centralized cloud services such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. You can collect payments on Ether tokens or SONM coins and prolong hosting automatically.


Neural networks Project

Sonm wants to be an effective, cost-efficient solution for neural network projects, the projects are specifically mentioned on the website. Sonm is planning to use computing resources for the management of developing computer-neuronal interfaces.

Web apps

SONM helps developers to move all back-end calculations to fog using SONM resources. People can run web applications in the decentralized SONM network instead of a centralized cloud server.

Scientific applications

Important scientific calculations that require massive computing power are ideal for SONM. Applications like climate predictions, drug development, and meteor trajectory modeling among other can be concluded using SONM.

SONM offer many other services but it also promises to offer other benefits for clients. Users can participate in the Sonm ICO using ETH, BTC or other molar cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, SONM plans to democratize the processing power. The platform can have enormous impacts on different industries including pharmaceuticals, game servers, and neural network.



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