What is Solar Dao?

Solar DAO (SDAO)





Solar DAO is an Ethereum based investment fund designed to subsidize the construction of solar infrastructures worldwide. The platform also plans to reduce the cost and risks of building solar infrastructure. Solar DAO allows investors to safely, freely and anonymously solar assets. The platform also helps break down the technical barriers that prevent the creation of Photovoltaic solar plants. The goal is Solar DAO is to build solar parks worldwide.

How does Solar DAO work?

Solar DAO works in three different categories. As a platform, Solar DAO creates a decentralized platform that allows people to participate in PV solar Plants construction worldwide. The platform helps to subsidize solar projects at the level of large investors.

Solar DAO also works as a community with a purpose of helping reduce cost, risk and major barriers when funding PV solar plants. The Marketplace of Solar DAO has a single interface to select, study and easily fund PV solar plants. It also provides developers an opportunity to present their projects to get advice and attract funding.

Solar DAO features

Here are some of the features that make Solar DAO platform better than other platforms.

Democracy: Solar DAO offers all backers maximum ROI when funding large-scale PV plants. The ROI is the same as the one offered to large investors.


Token holders can form projects and its community using the solar DAO platform.

  • Voting: A major part of the Solar DAO comprises of token holder. Token holder vote on project development and management on the platform and in the marketplace.
  • Automation: Smart contracts allow users to perform procedures and transactions on the platform automatically, safely and predictably.
  • Secure: The Solar DAO blockchain cannot be hacked, meaning no one can change any information on the blockchain.
  • Anonymous: Only token holder’s public key can be used to access his or her blockchain stores. No other person can access any info on your blockchain if they don’t have your public key and the platform does not share your personal information with anyone.

Who is behind Solar DAO?

Solar DAO was founded by CEO Dmitri Solodukha, he is also the Founder of UNISOLEX and has over 14 years of experience in this field. Another key member is co-founder Oleg Solodukha. Oleg has designed and establishes other panel manufacturing facilities in South Africa, Spain, Russia and Spain.

Solar DAO is a unique platform that wants to build solar farms worldwide. It uses the SDAO token as a utility token of the platform. It is also designed to be a long-term investment.


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