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Social Send (SEND)


Social Send is a project created to enhance the simple and universal integration into the social networks. The project is a blockchain-based project that allows people to receive or send funds on any social network. This dream for many years seems to be unachievable for many people, but with the inception of Social Send, it is now achievable with only a novice level of expertise. Users can easily utilize the blockchain technology using the projects. The main goal of SEND, as known by many people, is to be that catalyst that takes cryptocurrency into the public.

Benefits of Social Send

There are many benefits linked to social Send. As the platform states, some of these benefits include:

  • Transfer money to friends and family using social networks
  • Trusted and secured by the community
  • Users are not required to understand cryptocurrency to use the platform. It has simple software and interfaces that make using the platform easier.
  • Lightning fast transaction and confirmations with an additional level of privacy and coin mixing features.


Send perfect for business

As SEND puts it, we are living in the digitalized era where everything uses digital tools including e-commerce. The e-commerce landscape is growing every day and the prevalence of digital money is even growing faster. With SEND’s UI, the people behind it project have been able to make a simple novice to start sending and receiving money immediately. The SEND coin adds extra value, control, and east to all your finances that you never had before.

Made for everyone

Everyone globally can use SENN decentralized cryptocurrency. It is made for everyone. Following the release, the project plans to release future innovation in the crypto space using the SEND project. This will make understand and utilize the blockchain technology easier than before.

Cryptocurrency made easy

SEND is blazing the path where digital currency transaction is made easy for everyone. The Coin is friendly and easy to use on the platform. It’s open floodgates to mass adoption utilizing the blockchain payments methods.

SEND wallet

Social Send has its own wallets where users can store their SEND coin whenever they complete a transaction. The wallet is available for Apple devices, android, windows, bootstrap and many other devices. The SEND token can be exchanged on the Cryptopia exchange.

According to the official website, SEND’s great strength lies in the unfailing community. They are always present to listen, help and give opinions. They can be found on the biggest networks available.

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