What is Snovio?

Snovio (SNOV)



The lead generation is expanding daily, but not with the absence of challenges. Issues with the traditional lead generation systems include poor quality leads from fragmented or inaccurate data, lack of transparency, inability to receive data updates in real time, and unclear distribution of revenue between supplier and contributors or sources. Snovio is a decentralized lead generation marketplace and service. It provides users with a platform for lead generation between thousands of customers and data suppliers or contributors. Using the blockchain technology and decentralization, Snovio aims at solving the shortcoming to lead generation services.

Thing that Snovio can already do

Snovio already can perform the following services

  • Search Domains by collecting emails along with emails’ users from a certain domain
  • Email verification by checking emails’ validity, and regular use. It also screens out abandoned and non-working emails from your inbox.
  • Company search. You can find a specific company profile you need by using the company search product from Snovio. All you need to know about the company, the industry, city, and country it is in.

How does Snovio work?

Snovio combines SaaS and marketplace models to transform into a unique decentralized lead sourcing platform fueled by the Snovio token. The token is fundamental for introducing an innovative approach to lead sourcing and generation. All transactions are conducted via smart contract and stored in the blockchain. Smart contracts ensure execution of transactions equitable reward distribution, especially in the marketplace.

Snovio Token

Snovio tokens are the only digital currency on the platform. The SNOV token is the token you need for applications such as

  • Decentralized search where contributors collects information and imports them to their platform automatically. After the process, they get SNOV tokens as rewards.
  • Unique marketplace – customers can submit a personalized order for data supply and set a reward using the SNOV token. There are available tools on the Snovio platform for data submission and supply.

Snovio ICO

Snovio ICO benefits tokens buyers, contributors, and users. By purchasing tokens, buyers are supporting a new, and successful project that will help them, substantial privileges for their lead generation account. The unique and transparent model distributes revenue fairly among token buyers, contributors and users.

Who is behind the Snovio Platform?

Snovio was founded by the CEO Alexis Kratko. Alexandra Zhadko is the PM, Web developer, Rodin Yaremenko CTO, and web developer and Yuri Arendar PHP Developer. The team also has other web developers on advisors on board.


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