What is Snip?



The internet has changed the way things work in the news industry. Aside from bringing sites that advertising products and services, it has brought about important revolution one of them being the user-generated content. Users are able to access High-quality content is the internet using various platforms. One cryptocurrency platform that people and creates and access quality content is the Snip. Snip is a decentralized news platform, where people can write stories about any topic and read stories on, the platform is free from all and has no editor to decide who can print and not. The decision to view the content of the platform is made by community users.

Snip features

Freedom of speech

Snip users enjoy the freedom of speech that other sites don’t offer. Without using a centralized authority Snip does not

  • Ban users of the platform.
  • The platform does not censor content on the platform
  • All posts and comments are stored in decentralized IPFS to ensure the integrity of the contents
  • Content on Snip can be redacted according to the local law in case of violent threats or copyright violations.

Personalized and content filtering

Snip aims at reaching a high Hit race. To achieve that goal, it allows for a large percentage of articles that interest the readers. The content on the platform is personalized for each user. Users can choose their preferred personalization algorithm when they register. They can change it anytime they want.


Snip makes users feel safe when using the platform. Users can block posts or comment, choose a spam filter and even block specific words they don’t want to appear in the notifications or Newsfeed.


If you want privacy, all user data on the platform are private. They are never shared with the third-parties and cannot be seen by anyone unless you permit them.

Content creation

All stories created on the platform should be original and provide insight. In case you use a copy content, you need to have permission from the owner.

Snip has a team of experts with vast experience to enable the platform to reach its goal of becoming the place where people can learn and stay updated on what’s happening in their neighborhood and worldwide. The team of experts includes Ran Reichman, a software developer with vast experience in product management, software development, and team leading. Rani Horev is another team member with extensive knowledge in data science, R&D and research management. Ofir Avigad is a growth and marketing strategy personnel and the co-founder of Credex. The advisors include Lou Kerner and Richards Titus.


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