What is Smchain ?




There are a variety of telecom companies that provide SMS gateway services to A2P on a monthly basis. They use SMS aggregators to offer the services and they are promising to cover anybody who provides them with reliable SMSD delivery. SMSChain is a network where people can swap their unused SMS messages and get financial incentives in return. SMSChain uses a specialized blockchain infrastructure and supplies an android program that allows the semi-automatic trade of SMS communication and delivery between aggregators and components.

SMS Market size

According to statistics, from 2014 to 2017, the global A2P SMS market total revenue has amounted to $62.1 billion. The market is expected to grow to at least 70 billion US dollars by the year 2020. The market is driven by growth in cellular subscribers and other emerging markets. North America and Europe are the largest and most important regional markets. SMSChain is taking advantage of the growing market to offer user its best.

Who benefits from using SMSChain?

App users

SMSChain can sell your unused SMS messages for financial rewards, if you use their App you can possibly earn up to $6, 000 per month. If you would not like to sell your messages or you don’t have the substantial unused SMS, you can still earn by just using the app.

SMS aggregators

SMS gateways and SMS aggregator’s service providers gain access to the global unit network, allowing them A2P SMS traffic delivery at a much lower price. Message token is the only internal currency that they can use for mutual settlements with a member of the community, SMS aggregators can also use SMS to purchase text messages from components.

Blockchain nodes

Users can contribute to the infrastructure of SMS Chain and become a node. By becoming a node you can earn 20% of all SMS trades sent to you. However, you need to at least have 15, 000 SMS before becoming a node.

Financial rewards for App users and token holders

Anyone who installs the app and buys SMS Chain tokens can make money automatically. Program users can set the number of Sims sent by SMSChain daily in addition to other types of content like massages from Google, Facebook and what Sapp.

SMSChain token

SMSChain uses the SMSTO token as an internal currency on the platform. The token is an ERC20 compliant token. This makes sure you receive automatically in the ETH wallet once you purchase them. You can buy the token during pre-ICO and you will obtain the token once the ICO begins.

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