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SmartMesh (SMT)



We know that the internet is safer, cheaper and faster. But if it was conceived today, the internet would have been a P2P network that connects smartphones. This is according the official SmartMesh websites. But since that is impossible, SmartMesh wants to make this possible. The network built a mesh network protocol and a micropayment in tokens. In order to allow users to be rewarded for sharing a smartphone to build a global mesh.

What is SmartMesh?

According to project websites, “ SmartMesh (SMT) is a user Autonomous Communication protocol through which smartphones user is incentivized with tokens in order to build a decentralized mesh network.” It is an Airbnb –style node marketplace where people can be customers or network service providers. SMT is built on the SmartMesh foundation, which is a blockchain-based start-up that is working on infrastructure level protocol in a bid to realize off-internet payment and communication. This means that you don’t need internet to connect with other devices when using the mesh network.

How does it work?

The Mesh network offers internet free connections. It connects with the Ethereum blockchain via Geth and uses Raiden to conduct off-chain transactions. Users can use the ANT, Bluetooth or WIFI and integrate the project network Dev kit with the application of your choice. This process allows apps to use SmartMesh Network when the Internet is unavailable.

SmartMesh token (SMT)

The SmartMesh network token SMT is a virtual currency mainly used for circulation and payment of the SmartMesh network. SMT token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to send data between two of many devices. At the same time, users can earn SMT after their devices are connected or the relaying nodes.

Development plan and history

SmartMesh was founded by joined hands in 2017, the same year the foundation came up with Mobile off-internet communication 1.0 and mobile light wallet. In the Q1 Of 2018, SmartMesh network wants to build a mobile Blockchain light node, Mobile off internet Payment 1.0 and mobile Node Wallet and a mobile Raiden network light Node. The SmartMesh ecosystem will be ready by the year 2019.


SmartMesh is founded by an internet Protocol scientist Henry Wang, who also happens to be the CEO of the network. Maxim Prishchepo is the Architect, Paul Gardner-Stephen, senior research scientist and chief marketing strategist is Ashton Addison, who is also a CEO and founder at EventChain.io. The team also includes a group of advisors and investors.

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