What is Smartlands?

Smartlands (ABT)



The blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world have allowed people to tokenize virtually everything except the agricultural assets. But now people can tokenize agriculture assets using the Smartlands platform. Smartlands is a blockchain based platform that aims at boosting development for all kinds of farms worldwide. The blockchain is aiming at placing agricultural assets on the blockchain and tokenize all agricultural assets.

How does Smartlands work?

Smartlands platform works in a different manner than how other blockchain platforms work. The platform work by analyzing agricultural companies before adding the companies to the platform. The process is done if various steps. The first step is analyzing of agricultural companies by checking farmland and other assets, then it selects the most optimal jurisdictions. Smartlands finds a market for that company’s agricultural products. The third step involves creating smart contracts which is a collateral agreement signed between escrow companies and an agricultural company and the last step is the ICO campaign.

Smartlands features

Some of the core features that Smartlands have included:

  • New assets class with reliability of IPO and flexibility of blockchain
  • A synergy of crypto investments and high technologies in agriculture that gives birth to new opportunities.
  • Safe haven assets that protect the value of the portfolio during market downturns
  • Provides a mechanism to combine small farmers’ assets to create highly liquid tokens
  • Accelerated growth in demand for products is determined by the population growth and change of diet
  • Defining rules for legal structures on ABT
  • Monitoring of token dynamics
  • Entering into cooperation agreements and partnerships with state bodies that regulate the securities market

The Smartlands token

Smartlands provide secure investment tools by issuing their Asset Backed Token instead of issuing ordinary tokens. The platform creates a system of strict rules to make sure transparency, accountability, and secure business environment. Smartlands plans on introducing cutting-edge technologies utilizing AI solutions to monitor agriculture assets uncertainty and eliminate all risk. The ABTs are identified in three main types on the Smartlands whitepaper. They include the:

  • ABTs of companies
  • ABTs of funds
  • ABTs of a group of assets

Who are behind the Smartlands project?

Smartlands is led by Taras Basistyk-Gaptar the managing partner of agricultural operations, Victor Yermak, CTO, Dmytro Ruzhytskyi, Business development personnel and Andrey Sevryukov, Agtech. The company is based in Sofia Bulgaria.

Since the aim of Smartlands is to tokenize agricultural assets, it wants to help agricultural companies embrace the benefits of crowdfunding systems. Agricultural companies can use Smartlands and raise capital for future development.


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