What is Smartcash?




SmartCash concept is a viable, fast, fungible, merchant oriented, user-friendly and community driven project with a governance system. The aim of the project is to create and fast growing and most nimble cryptocurrency by prioritizing block rewards. The rewards will be used to grow the SmartCash community, hire developers, gain merchant acceptance. The rewards will also help in grassroots community outreach efforts and to establish new marketing methods.

To enable all the services and development of the projects, SmartCash plans to use a recipe. The SmartTags recipe has been specifically designed with ROI, adoption, and fungibility in mind. The recipe includes:

The Smarthive

The Smarthive is a recipe that has a place for people of all backgrounds. SmartCash believes that using a core team will ultimately lead to corruption and inefficiency. They want to move past the experience and create a more decentralized organizational model that is inspired by bee and ant colonies. To create the decentralized governance, they introduced the hive structuring teams and the Smarthive. Smarthive enables users to vote on various proposals submitted by the SmartCash community.

The hive structuring team (HST)

The HST team lays the groundwork for the SmartCash project and the framework for its evolution. Initially, the HST is in charge of vital project areas like support, development, and outreach. The team consists of people that are directly involved in the project every day.


Smart voting is another character on the SmartCash recipe. SmartCash users use the character as a voice. Because the project is pioneering for the crypto governance space. It lets users vote, which direction the project should take.


Smartrewards are used as a way to encourage long-term holdings. They are a price stabilization mechanism. The SmartCash project appreciated long-term holders of their SmartCash coins by rewarding them.


Instantpay is the key feature on the platform, it allows for instant online and in-store point of sale and purchases. Instant pay allows people to pay for their daily needs and for transactions to happen instantly and faster that MasterCard or Visa cards.

The SmartCash team

The SmartCash team focuses on community growth and user acquisition. It includes hive coordinator IntheWoods who is best known for creating Dash Force original proposal. Other team members are Solarminer, who is also a hive coordinator and a creator of the dash N Drink Soda Machine, Leandro Reinaux, c++ software engineer, confidence, Ruby and Java software Engineer and others, the team oversees all the transaction and performances of the platform.


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