What is Skrumble Network?

Skrumble Network (SKM)



The Skrumble network (SKM) is a new and secure communication based centric blockchain that offers a communication layer and communication application for developers to add to any application that wants to. The blockchain has a communication system that can be used to enable data ownership and secure privacy from a safe platform.

With secure blockchain and building a proprietary, Skrumble aims at building the first ever complete, secure full spectrum Omni-channel communication application. This application will be the breakthrough for traditional firewalls and assure user anonymity, data privacy and guarantee content with feature such as video, calling, messaging, file sharing and much more. According to the official website, Skrumble is, “it’s a decentralized communication ecosystem powered by blockchain technology that will break through firewalls, assure your anonymity, and guarantee content and data privacy.”

How does the network work?

The Skrumble Network aims at bringing a new era of applications based entirely on the blockchain network. Anyone using the platform has the privilege of connecting directly with others and also complete transactions without worrying about security and personal privacy. To learn about how the network work, a video on the official website expounds everything from how it works to how you will benefit as a user.

Stumble features

The Skrumble network offers different features to its users. These features include:

  • Messaging
  • Data encryption
  • Pseudonymous identification
  • Group conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • User controlled storage
  • Most functionally supported in any browser
  • Wallet for in-context money transfers
  • Video calls
  • File transfer
  • Screenshot notifications
  • Audio calls

Benefits of the network

There are many benefits that come with using the Skrumble network.  Users can pick their names and also connect with anyone they want from all over the world through beneficial and totally safe, secure and private connections. To add to the benefits Skrumble privacy of data ownership is assured as the decentralized network is guaranteed and impenetrable to safeguard users from hackers.

The Skrumble Network team

The team behind the blockchain based network has years of experience in the blockchain world and cryptocurrency industry. David Lifson is the CEO and President, Eric Lifson Co-Founder & VP of Marketing, Michael Dabydeen the lead developer among others. The team also include a group of advisors led by Anthony DiIorio who happens to be the Co-Founder of Etherum and CEO of Jaxx & Decentral.

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