What is SingularityNet?

SingularityNET (AGI)



Experts believe that in the future artificial intelligence will run everything including cryptocurrency marketplace. With the inclusion of SingularityNET, people can monetize AI because it allows governments, organization, and individuals to buy and sell AI. Found online at SingularityNET.io, the foundation aims to offer users major problems in the Ai market. To solve these problems, SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for AI services and products. The platform official website explains AI functionality as hard, time-consuming and expensive to use.

Problems SingularityNET wants to solve

No communication

There is no way for AI to coordinate process since there is no communication of data. The process at a higher cost since it is done manually. AI has siloed structures which separates leads and SingularityNET wants to solve this problem in the most efficient way.

Expensive for everyone

Purchasing and using AI is a few chosen ones. Connecting it to others or taking AI to markets makes it too expensive for all to afford. It is also too complicated for most individuals and organizations.

No AI discovery

Today’s market is inefficient. Finding AI services are not easy or the quality of the services is not good. SingularityNET wants to offer people a place to discover AI.

How does the platform SingularityNET work?

SingularityNET is an open marketplace for AI worldwide. It allows AI as services on a platform that is permissionless, which means everyone can use AI services whenever they need and in an easier way. Some of the key features that help in the functionality of the platform include:

  • A global AI economy for all: The aim of SingularityNET is to create an ideal AI marketplace globally. A marketplace where AI services can be purchased and even discovered by people from all walks of life.
  • Communication via wrapping: The platforms wrap each AI algorithm to create a simple protocol for coordinating the process between AI, exchanging data and solving communication problems.
  • Automation with AI linking: SingularityNET wants to ensure easy AI services linked together. People can buy, automation in a box at lower costs in the marketplace.

SingularityNET team

CEO and Chief scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel are leading SingularityNET. The team also includes DR. David Hanson (Robotics Lead), Cassio Pennachin (CTO), and Sophia Hanson (Chief Humanoid). It also includes a team of business advisors led by Tal Ball and Blockchain team.  Hence, AGI token is powering the platform to help solving the “assignment of credit” problem.

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