What is SingularDTV?

SingularDTV (SNGLS)




SingularDTV (SNGLS) is a decentralized entertainment studio that is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology (one of the fastest technology in the crypto world today). They have launched their crowdsale on October 2, the year 2016. According to SNGLS’ developers, their main aim is to build future of rights management, peer to peer distribution, and project funding.


They further added that the platform aims to empower creators and artists with powerful and advanced tools to manage their projects from development to distribution. The SingularDTV is more than just a blockchain television and film entertainment studio but comes with a smart contract rights management platform.


The initial plan of the platform included several parts of original TV series, digital power management, and a documentary division. The project aims to produce a single season of “Singular” which refers to a three-episode miniseries about a technological singularity. The project is slated to produce about Ethereum documentary and other eight-episode short-length documentary series as well.  


How SingularDTV works?


The SNGLS software’s features include digital right management platform that will help artists to sell their work to the audience directly. There will also be a demand portal, similar to Amazon and Netflix, where the company can acquire rights to the original content and make it visible or accessible to millions of users of the platform.


The money that was raised during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be used for creating original content and the software. The video-on-demand product and the software can be licensed to others for rights management. Overall, the main aim of SNGLS is to build a decentralized entertainment industry. 



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