What is Signals?

Signals (SGN)



Signals (SGN) is a platform that allows users to build, manage and test also-trading models with no programming skills. The platform is based on sentiment analysis, deep learning, and media monitoring. Signals is designed to connect communities of developers and data scientist with crypto traders. Data scientists and developers can encapsulate codes into visual components like indicators which will them be monetized in Indicator marketplace and used by crypto traders to create strategies in a special visual editor. The platform is a Marketplace of data science that is powered by SGN tokens for trading cryptocurrencies.

How do Signals work?

No knowledge is required for using a Signal model builder. However, if you are a data scientist or a developer, you can develop new trading indicators from scratch and use them to earn cryptocurrencies. You can also monetize your skills through the Signals indicator marketplace.

How will SGN revolutionize crypto trading?

Signal uses three main characteristics to revolutionize crypto trading.

No programming skill needed

Anyone planning to use Signals does need not to have any skills to use the Signals visual strategy builder. All you need to do is pick and combine indicators for deep learning or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring.

Decentralized supercomputer power

Signals is buildings a platform upon other successful Blockchain services that open new possibilities for cryptocurrency trading. Using the decentralized supercomputers, Signals will be able to process big data computations in a reasonable time at the same time making it affordable for users.

Crowdsourced wisdom

Signals gives users a chance to use indicators driven by blockchain-based prediction market platforms. The platforms generate powerful trading strategies augmented by crowd-sourced wisdom.

Signals use cases

Train your model before spending

If you are interested, you can connect your model to a crypto exchange and backtest it using a historical data in Signals training center. You can also use optimization algorithms and supportive analytics to find the best settings for your strategy.

Use your trading model to generate profit

After you are confident about the trading model you have, you can use it to generate profit. It is up to you to decide if you want to automate your trading and get notified once a trading opportunity opens up.

Share and monetize your trading strategy

If you have a brand new trading strategy, you can monetize the strategy using the Signals marketplace to earn.

Signals (SGN) was founded by CEO Pavel Nemec and CTO Pavel Volek. Nemec has experience in algorithmic crypto trading while Volek is a software architect, UX designer, and front-end developer.

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