What is Sibcoin ?

Sibcoin (SIB)


Sibcoin(SIB) in a currency used in the exchange of goods and services just like conventional currencies. It is a cryptocurrency that is transferable from one user to another through wallets that have specific addresses. Sibcoin provides users with sufficient privacy that enables them to go through their daily transaction with ultimate confidence that their information will be safe.

How does Sibcoin enhance privacy?

To make sure they offer maximum security, Sibcoin uses three elements that are instrumental in effecting privacy. The three aspects are stealth addresses, Ring CT, and ring signatures. Ring signature conceals the sender address, Ring CT conceals the transaction detail and the stealth addresses conceal the address of the receiver. The three aliment of the Sibcoin currency helps in keeping all the payment private from prying eyes of people who are trying to track you.

Sibcoin Video Introduction

It is convenient

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Sibcoin comes in handy as in evolves the exchange of goods and services. Investors and users can use Sibcoin currency to make both merchant and micropayments via different online platforms and websites. Sibcoin facilitates these payments in an approach that upholds confidentiality, speed, and surety for users. It uses the instantX technology that allows users to receive and send payment instantly. What does that mean to users? It means users can trade at their convenience since the platform is reliable, automated and fast.

Is Sibcoin decentralized?

Sibcoin uses a decentralized communication model known as peer to peer connection. In this example, both parties can initiate communication sessions as both have the same capabilities. The peer to peer connection is important that the client server model where a client makes the request and wait for the server to fulfill. With Sibcoin, the mode of communication they use allows users to control operations. It also gives users the capability to initiate more than one communication session at a go. They can choose what service not to offer and which one they will offer.

Sibcoin can be accessed from everywhere around the world. It is a secure network that allows users to receive and send money worldwide. Users can trade from all corners of the world which mean it creates endless opportunities for its users. For those people who want to send and receive money in real time, Sibcoin is the best place to start off. It gives users the chance to interact and trade with members from all over the world.

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