What is Shopin?




The blockchain technology is making everything easier in every industry including the making shopping personal and easier. Shopin is a technology partnership that supports the success of online retail. The Shopin platform has two slots for shoppers and retailers. Shoppers can experience smarter, more personal methods of shopping using the platform. They can also share their shopper profile with other retailers to discover new products, brand, and exclusive deals. On the other hand, Shopin help retailers offer customers a bespoke experience. It lets the retailer create unique profiles and share them with their shoppers.


SEC Charges Shopin CEO With Fraud Over Unregistered $42M ICO

How Shopin works

First, before you start using Shopin, you need to create your shopper profile. It is easy and simple. Just some basic information about your preferences and you are good to go. The second step is getting personal. You will need to review the Shopin starter style recommendations for you to increase your Shopper Profile accuracy. The third step involves sharing your Shopin profile with other retailers and let them know what you love. You can control what you share with retailers to show your perfect recommendation and deals.

Benefits of Shopin

Own your data and get rewarded

Shopin believes that the best person to control your history purchase in you. It gives you the access to your data and allows you to control when they use it and whom you want to share with to gain benefits from the experience.

Use data sharing to build value

Shopin is eliminating the paid of product discovery found on retail sites by offering users a full view of the shopper across the retail web. The more the user shares verified purchase data, the more valuable and effective that data becomes.

Personalize online shopping

Shoppers will get the benefit of a single shopper profile. The benefits include security and data control to perfect recommendations on every site.

Private presale

Participants of Shopin private presale an opportunity to take up tokens before the ICO launch and enjoy a bonus of 40%-66%. This means participants have limited opportunity to pick up Shopin tokens at great value until Shopin reaches the $5M hard cap.


Shopin’s team includes professionals who have worked together for more than a decade. Eran Eyal is the CEO and Cofounder of the platform. He is a serial entrepreneur with three exists as a founder. Also, the co-founder of the platform is CTO Divakar Rayapaty, VP of development Mike Rizzo and VP of Engineering Abhishek Yermalla.

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