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The blockchain technology is positioning itself among the industries that want to solve issues for people from all over the world. The ability to offer users with a secure and reliable transaction in various industries including finance, health, estate and one genomics it’s ever increasing. It is evident that the blockchain technology is not going anywhere soon. With that said, Shivom one of the blockchain based platform that offers its clients services in genomics. This is a “venture that intends to utilize the securitization of data within blockchain technology to empower a new era of genomics.”

What problems does Shivom solve?

Some of the issues that Shivom solves include:

  • Lack of doctor-patient confidentiality
  • Genomics data sale by their party sequencing providers
  • An expensive procedure of genome sequencing
  • Lack of integrity, sharing capabilities and data ownership.
  • Lack of compensation measure for patients.

Shivom Solutions

To achieve its goals, the Shivom solution wants to achieve a universal database for sequences. Shivom leverage the power of the blockchain technology to come up with a genuine and autonomous ecosystem. Some of the solutions Shivom offer users includes:

  • Easier storage and access to genome data
  • Better control and management of information and how it is accessed
  • Potential to search and diagnose the health conditions before they become serious.
  • Allows users to get the value for their data through smart contracts and tokenization.
  • Health researcher can use the data on the platform to find lifestyle information.

Shivom Roadmap

Shivom Roadmap is as follows:

  • Q1 2017: conception
  • Q2/3 2017: seed round and Shivom roadshow start
  • Q1 2018: private round raised from crypto VS’s
  • Q1/2 2018: innovation council and partnership with the state of AP
  • Q2 2018: OMX token distribution, project GAIA, and beta version platform launch.
  • Q3 2018: blockchain protocol for multiple encryptions, we marketplace open, first genomic lab setup, Shivom foundation and CO-development among other things.
  • Q4 2018: formation of research decision.

Token sale and Token allocation

The total of 3 billion tokens will be available during the token sale. 7000 OMX token will equal 1 ETH.  A total of 990 Million tokens were made available for the crowd sale. Shivom allocates its token as follows:

  • 20%: growth pool
  • 20% reserve
  • 14% founder
  • 10% advisor
  • 33%: token sale
  • 3% community.

Shivom token sale was intended for those people residing out the US. Shivom is led by co-founder and CEO Dr. Alex Schumacher and Co-founder and COO, Goulish Singla



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