What is Shipchain?

Shipchain (SHIP)



Moving goods from one place to another is not an easy task. However, the moving industry is one of the busiest industries in the world. According to statistics, $8.1 trillion was used globally in 2015 and the figure is expected to grow and reach $15.5 by the year 2013. Now imagine a fully integrated system that makes the entire supply chain and moving products a lot easier. This is what Shipchain offers consumers. Shipchain is an ecosystem that encompasses all methods of freight the help people move products from the time they leave the factory to your doorstep.

How does Shipchain work?

Shipchain (SHIP) is a shipping platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is also an ecosystem that encompasses all freight methods and also includes an open API architecture that can be integrated with already existing freight management software. The platform helps in tracking your load across multiple carriers and allows for unified tracking across entire supply chains.

Advantages of Shipchain

  • To end-to-end trance and track: Users of the platform can track their load in a unified way between all carriers and across the entire supply chain.
  • Offer better tracking: Most tracking companies and platform are extremely fractured. Shipchain ensures tracking across multiple carriers in extremely secure by providing tracking provisions that vary between modes of transportation.
  • To incentivized responsibility: If the operator delivers goods on time and uses efficient transport route, they get rewarded for their efforts. All this is done in a bid to reduce theft and offer a better tracking system.
  • Accountability: Cargo theft causes the US approximately $30 billion per year, according to FBI estimates, Shipchain offers a better tracking system and they are accountable for your load from the factory to your location.

Other advantages of Shipchain platform include no fractured communication, supports full visibility, no middlemen, and platform parity. The platform unifies shipment tracking on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token utility and sale

Users are only allowed to pay for transactions using the SHIP token. The SHIP token is an ERC20 compliant token. However, for accessibility and ease of use, Shipment accept USD, EUR and cryptocurrency payments for booking freight. Shipchain token sale event will have a fixed supply of 500 million tokens.

Shipchain team

The Shipchain team is led by John Monarch the founder and CEO of Direct Outbound colonies. He is the CEO of Shipment. CTO is Lee Bailey, Brian Evans and the CMO and Sam Rusani the CRO among others.

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