What is Shift?

What is Shift?




SHIFT is a decentralized, versatile new wed with an interplanetary file system with a combination of a blazing fast, dApp-ready and delegated Proof of Stake blockchain. All the features available help SHIFT to be decentralized, resilient and highly extensible web platform. Since its introduction to the market, the coin has been successful in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The success is attributed to the heavyweight team work and backing it. They have made things even better by using introducing the new web.

What is the new web?

SHIFT is working to unite user groups on one platform, the new web. Whether you are a completely new to Blockchain, cryptocurrency and dApps or a power-user, the new web is built with ease of use and accessibility as the major factors, its build for it users. The new web addresses two issues: direct monetization of services using the SHIFT blockchain and Peer to Peer content storage based on IPFS. SHIFT charge nothing if you want to use the website. It is completely free with no data gathering, no tracking or intrusive advertisements.

Why is SHIFT better than other platforms?

From advertising to hosting provider to social media, the internet is becoming more and more centralized and privatized in an alarming speed. Platform and site are coming up with new rules that make things hard for anyone who wants to interact or trade with them. SHIFT offers different services on the new web. There is no discrimination or censorship on the new web since it is a decentralized nature. The new web does more than the old web, on the new web, users can do what they used to do on the old web and much more.

How to transact on SHIFT?

Users can use the new web to generate profits, SHIFT allows anyone to register and profit from their work directly, people can profit wither by earning the sidechain fees their apps generate as a blockchain-app developer or by securing the network as a delegate in 101 spots. Participating using the new web is easy.

SHIFT features

The thing that stands out in the SHIFT platform is the security of users. The cryptocurrency market is designed as Proof-Of-State (PoS) to make the system highly secured to prevent third party penetration. It has p2P data storage, seamless monetization, Turing-complete blockchain and uncensorable web. The token is riding on top of blockchain, giving SHIFT infinite possibilities for payment services.

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