What is Shield?

ShieldCoin (XSH)


SHIELDCOIN is a new cryptocurrency coin that was launched on 8th July. The Shieldcoin works on the shield platform that features the POW, PoS and the x15 algorithm. The developers on shield platform are working to implement anonymous transactions. It offers wallets where you can store SHIELDCOIN.


Some of the features that make shield coin stand out from the crowd include

Fast transactions

In many traditional platforms and other cryptocurrencies, you have to wait for hours to complete transactions. The project solves the problem of waiting for transactions to be completed by offing users fast transaction times

Safe and completely anonymous:

Using the SHIELD platform, users are guaranteed of the safety and completely anonymous transactions. The platform ensures safety and privacy for all users and in all transactions.

Future proof:

Almost all currencies have a problem with future proof. Currencies like the Dollar and Euros have an insane inflation rate. It uses the PoS system to solve these problems and provides everyone with a secure future proof.


For cryptocurrencies to last, they must be scalable. In addition, it offers a great solution when it comes to scalability. The coin is scalable, which makes XSH ready for mainstream use.


The SHIELD coin and is a Multi-Algo coin which means it prevents 51% of attacks and makes the mining shield easier.

Integration everywhere:

SHIELD coin can be integrated almost into every popular platform. This means it is easier for you’re to give your family or friends SHIELD if you want to.

Shield wallets

It has a number of wallets.

Electrum wallets

Besides the basic wallets. Moreover, it also has Ethereum wallets to offer users. The Electrum wallets are the same as other wallets. Users can store coins on the wallets, the Etheric wallet from SHIELD is different from their standard wallets. As a result, the Ethereum wallets focus on low resource usage and speed. It is based on Simple Payment Verification and SPV. The SPV verifies transactions without needing to download the entire SHIELD blockchain.

QT wallets

The QT wallets are one of the wallets you see when downloading a SHIELD wallet. It does not recommend the QT wallet, but if you want to store your digital currency in the wallet you can download it. The QT wallets are wallets that you need to download the entire SHIELD blockchain to use it.

SHIELD exchanges

It is available on various exchanges. The team is currently trying to get the coin added on several exchanges like Bittrex. You can check their platform to see the exchanges they currently use.

It seems like the project is no longer active

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