What is Sharpe Capital?

Sharpe Capital (SHP)

The Blockchain technology is transforming the world by making it more transparent, trustless and decentralized. Now that the blockchain technology combines the blockchain and equity. There have been latest innovations like Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. Sharpe Capital is one platform that uses the Blockchain technology to offer people better services. Sharpe capital is an investment fund that uses machine learning and AI combined with the power of blockchain. The platform is for sentiment analysis where participants can earn ether for predictions. The participants not only earn ether but they also get a part of the profits of the Sharpe Capital investment fund once they predict.

How does Sharpe Capital work?

To participate in the predictions, you need to be a holder of the Sharpe Capital token (SHP). SHP holders can predict through mobile or web-based applications of Sharpe Capital. The platform uses Proof of Stake and Proof OD reputation system to reward participants. It also uses the reputation of the participants based on the past prediction to reward participates. The platform achieves its goals by developing models that capture the relationship between microeconomics asset data.

Features of Sharpe

Trust and transparency

Unlike traditional hedge funds where investors do not actually know how the funds are managed, SHP offer transparency. Anyone can view and validate how trades are done by SHP and how profits are generated. It also uses a trustless ledger system that maintains profit and loss records.


Sharpe tied up with the Bancor. This means that it will ensure liquidity to all token holders.

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence Model

All the trades executed by the platform are automatic. It does not involve human emotions. The models analyze micro and Macroeconomic data and sentiments in real time.

SHP tokens

Sharpe uses two tokens, the sharp Capital token, SHP that supports the Sharpe platform and the Sharper Crypto-Derivative token. The SHP is the utility token that vies issued during the crowdsale. Token holders of SHP can participate in the platform and get rewards. SHP token holders will also be able to get an equal amount of Sharpe Crypt-Derivative token, the SCD. The SCD is a combination of cryptocurrency and equity. The token is used to pay for a bi-annual dividend to the token holder. SCD is linked to both the crypto investments and equity.

Sharpe has developed a trustless and transparent ecosystem which can be implemented by other investments and ledger funds. The platform can charge consultancy fees on the ecosystem.

Project is no longer live

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