What is Sharechain?

Sharechain (SSS)




Sharechain is an economy based platform that is smart, credible and open public. The platform is used for credit sharing such as sharing digital products, mobile charger, shared guesthouse and other sharing domain applications. The network uses internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies to promote interoperability in various fields and achieve effective integration of resources to create credit sharing ecosystem center. Sharechain has created a token called Super Smart Share (SSS). The token realizes the value of the platform and circulation.

What is sharing economy?

According to the Sharechain platform, sharing economy refers to temporary transfer on the use of the right to improve utilization of resources while still, the ownership of the right remains unchanged.  Example of sharing of the economy includes companies like Uber and Airbnb that already make tens of billions of dollars. Yet this is just the begging of the wave of sharing economy.

Sharechain features

Remove control ecology

Sharechain is being developed to be a shared ecosystem. Sharing enterprise data information on the ecosystem is made easy with the help of the blockchain technology. The ecosystem shares accurate, quantifiable data indicators using a third party authority.

Sharechain smart contracts

Through the shared application, users can access the selection of relevant conditions to generate intelligent contracts. The smart contracts can be used to obtain external data and detect in line with default condition. The smart contracts will also take the initiative to replace enterprises and allows users to respond and ensure that correctness, integrity, and non-tempering with anything on the ecosystem.

Shared chain business architecture

Sharechain is composed of the open platform and Sharechain block network. The entire ecology also includes sharing business, sharing chain exchange, shared ecosystem, credit assessment services provider and customers using products.

Sharechain consensus mechanism

This mechanism is used for building a new consensus mechanism which, according to the past shared bill is used to express credit contribution. It also ensures shared applications between credits mutual.

The SSS token

SSS token is the token used for all Sharechain transactions and interactions. SSS is a digital currency that acts as the fuel on the Sharechain intelligence contracts and makes sure all tasks and transactions are executed. This means that services can be consumed only using the SSS token. Some of the roles the SSS token plays include: share platform’s transaction services

  • Share underlying data consumption
  • Third-party consumer services
  • Smart contracts consumption
  • Sharing Sharechain’s tokens and consumption




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