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Self-Sell is a place where investors and investees cam value themselves and value their future. According to principles of economic, Marshale  Alfred, “the most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings,” and this is exactly what SelfSell offers its users. An opportunity to invest in human Beings. Being a platform for investees and investors, both of them set to benefit from the features of the platform. The benefits of the platform for both include:

Investees: investees are offers helps by the SelfSell top cross the plateau of death and leverage their future value to create opportunities at the present stage. Investees will enjoy:

  • No collateral. Repayment term of their choice
  • Types of rate fixed to your income
  • No costly appraisals
  • No early repayment fees.

Investors: investors on the other hand benefits from tons of talents present and sharing their future value. Investors get the chance to invest on the next Zuckerberg, Angelina Jolie or jack MA. They also get to enjoy:

  • Fully diversify their portfolio
  • Control their accounts
  • Low risk
  • Monthly income
  • Trade at any time.

Both the investees and investors used different processes to access the Self-Sell platform. For investees, they have to contact the SelfSell team first, provide necessary information, answer questions, get enough votes and finally engage in Self Coin offering and collect Crowdfunding before being accepted on the platform. Investors on their side have to start by viewing the talents on the platform. Know the talents background, ask a question and invest, then Trae the tokens at any time they want to. The aim of the platform is to help both investors and investees to thrive and achieve their ideas. All the thing you need to do as an investor or investee are listed on the official website.

What is Value?

The SelfSell platform helps people know their future value in four ways, investment in Youth, Public welfare, fun economy, and entrepreneurship. For example, for investment in youth, the SelfSell platform offers youths an opportunity to enjoy more resources and usher in a more promising future. Since the platform is born from the theory of Human Capital Investment, it aims at helping youth achieve their ideas and better their future using individual IPOs. All other values are listed on the official website too.


SelfSell was founded by Yuan Li and Ligong Liu the co-founder. The two are helped by a group of core developers led by Weifeng Wang and Qiang Li among others. The team also includes a team of advisors.




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