What is SelfKey?

SelfKey (KEY)



SelfKey Identify network is a blockchain based identity system. It allows companies and individuals to own control and manage their digital identity. As a result they can access residency and citizenship by company incorporation, investment, token sales, FinTech products, exchanges and much more.

Feature of SelfKey

SelfKey offer users the best features that make using the identity platform easier. Using the features, users can easily manage their digital identity. These features include

Self-Sovereign identity that unlocks access:

These SelfKey features make KYL simple, easy, and painless. It provides users with access to hundreds of services and products on the platform. Certifiers, identify owners and relying parties can transact in a private, decentralized and private manner using the platform.

One-click application:

  • Users can make document intensive applications instantly with a painless and quick KYC onboarding process. They can also participate in multiple token sales through the SelfKey identity wallet and send ETH and identity documents with just one click on the platform.

Identity wallet:

The identity wallet securely helps users to access ID attributes and documents. In addition, notarize and verify them through qualified certifier and share the document with interested parties or relying parties listed in the marketplace. This is the easiest way to access services and products and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio, and store, send and receive ETH or any other ERC20 token.


A SelfKey marketplace is a place where users can easily access and compare over 300 products and services. Set up your businesses, get a second passport, open bank accounts and trade with other cryptocurrencies using the marketplace, you can even join other token sales if you want to.

Manage your digital identity:

  • You can decide to share your identity document with other verified notaries and receive certified and reusable identity notarization. The process is secure and private. Users can slow use the Corporate identify Wallet that provides linked identity and multilevel verification to open a bank account and set up subsidiaries.

The Key Token

SelfKey uses the key token KEY as the payment unit within the system. You can use the KEY token to verify your identity, notarize your ID documents, access hundreds of services and products. The KEY token offers users the freedom, business, privacy and wealth they need using the identity system.


The SelfKey team comprises of experts in legal, technology, design and the blockchain technology. It is led by founder Edmund Lowell, Terry Lin, Edmund To, Levan Basharuli, Ari Propis and Jon Myers among others.

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