What is Seele?



In recent years, the blockchain technology continues to open up boundaries for wider and deeper development. Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other public blockchain continue to emerge creating a highly competitive environment. Among the new blockchain and digital currencies that are emerging is the Seele platform. Seele is an innovative new era of the value of the internet. The platform “is empowered by the up-scalable Neural Consensus protocol for higher Throughput concurrency among large-scale heterogeneous nodes and is able to form unique heterogeneous forest multi-chain ecosystem.” According to the whitepaper.


Neural Consensus Algorithm

Seele, through the Neural Consensus Algorithm, transforms the consensus problems into a solution. The solution is an “asynchronous request, processing, and sorting data in a large-scale environment based on micro-real numbers”. This feature will not only have a strong linear augmenting ability but will ensure low energy and safety consumption.

Heterogeneous Forest network

This network is made up of different subnets networks. Each subnet is a stratified tree, which can handle a variety of service scenarios independently. The subjects through the cross-chain protocol can interact with each other. These subnets are secure and efficient, cross- chain and cross-domain and offer extended service coverage.


  • Q1, 2018: minimum feasibility verification
  • Q2 2018: completing the test network
  • Q3 2018: performance optimization and core function test
  • Q4, 2018: publishing

Mission and goals

Seele mission and goals include:

  • To become a network builder, standards promoters and eco-preacher of value internet infrastructure
  • To integrate layered model on internet fundamental protocol and also provides users with a solid guarantee for the interoperability of resources.
  • Provide a powerful foundation platform and high-speed pipe for safe and free circulation of positioning, discovery, and transfer of value and transformation across the global chain.
  • Adhere to win-win cooperation, ecological-oriented strategy for service providers, developers and users of data registration, exchange of open platform and value delivery.

As stated on their whitepaper, the platform is “Dedicated to building operating system of Value Internet that provide developers with an integrated and flexible service design, development, testing and deployment service chain, provide the most efficient channels of service to customers for service providers, and the simplest channel for value transfer and exchange for users;  Using the token economy to encourage community.”


The team is led by CEO Dr. Maolin Zheng, COO, Dr. Nick Smith and Scientist Dr. Wei Bi. Dr. Zheng is involved in Seele realize, Dr. Nick in Seele Industrialize and Dr. Bi and Seele idealize.

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