The is a blockchain based quantitative exchanging platform and data providing for verification, storage, analysis, sharing, and utilization and trading of world data. All interactions are made through’s built-in smart contracts to access, share and utilize a wide data spectrum verified by a mass of users on a distributed basis.  The project also allows users to customize event-specific customize smart contracts or be applied to niches and various scenarios such as prediction markets or pools in agriculture, financial market, entertainment, and much more.

Features of

There are three main features of the projects. These features include:

Data source: the has support from sports, agriculture and entertainment industries which are data giants. The data sources help in joining in numerous data generated by users in the ecosphere of the

Quantitative trading platform: is a quantitative data exchange platform that proves the truth and validates on the data using authentication certification agreement based on forms a mutual benefit mechanism and swarm intelligence. The Scree-info quantifies data and saves it in their smart contract in order to boil a new era of credit society.

Tool library: also provides developers a series of tools that help them in building Dapps easier and faster.

The community

The team is an international open-source community that has invited developer’s experts from Germany, Canada, China, Japan, and the USA. The project plans to allow more people to join in building the community ecosphere. The community is dedicated to providing a source for the underlying data protocol to allow participants to achieve sharing, motivation, consensus and a win-win situation.

Justin, a member of the community describes as, “a protocol layer which stratifies the upstream, the midstream and the downstream after using the entered data; Upstream is the data source; Midstream is the smart contract miners, who can get the smart contract GAS by performing a data transaction; Downstream is the data users which have the right to design the profit parameters of the data. Here are several key functions.”

Team members

The team is led by CEO, Eva Foo, an Xcener Blockchain founder and CEO. The CTO of the project is Wenyan Qin, CTO. Wenyan is a big data expect and blockchain technology expert and chairman of Canadian North American Blockchain. Others include CSO, Jan W., COO Yimin Yang, CBO, Alfred Ma and Ricky, CTE among other CTEs. The team also includes a team of consultant’s community members among other experts.

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