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Scrinium (SCR)

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Scrinium platform is an unprecedented system that analyzes the performance of the trader and compiles them according to a level of profitability and risk ratio set by an individual. In other words, Scrinium analyzes your trading activities and sets up an investment portfolio based on them. It is described as the future of portfolio investment since it has changed the investment community today.

What problems it solves

Being the future of investment, Scrinium wants to solve most of the problems that many people face when using cryptocurrencies. It's hard to keep up with the analytical skills and knowledge required for trading. Scrinium is a decentralized system based on investment technology and performance analysis of million traders. It picks the appropriate and consistent traders and creates an investment portfolio that fits every private investor.

It also wants to solve the issue of copy trading that present traders with a significant level of risk and investment loss, and also the centralized trading schemes and intermediaries participation that has resulted in lower profits.

How the system works

Using a decentralized technology, Scrinium hopes to solve the above problem and more. Because the platform is built on the performance analysis and millions of traders, an investor gets to choose a level of profitability and risk that suits their needs and pick the assets they want to invest in. All the option can be accessed from an easy UI and there are expert’s settings to guide investors with greater market familiarity.

Scrinium features

  • Decentralized system: Using a decentralized system means they avoid the centralized model we see other investment firms using.
  • Liquidity: the platform has a vast pool of liquidity providers who help in offering better quotes to customers.
  • Non-binding: the contracts of the platform are non-binding which means you can withdraw from the platform anytime if you are an investor.
  • No fees: Scrinium changes no fees for investors and traders alike.
  • Multi-platform support: Scrinium users are allowed to use multiple resources to compile portfolios. Any profitable trading system can be used regards of where they are based in the world and the platform they are trading on.
  • ScrinCoin: ScrinCoin is the internal system and deposit asset currency used by the Scrinium platform. That coin’s value is expected to grow as demand grows.

Scrinium was founded early 2017 with development taking place throughout the year. The team is led by Sebastian Forbes, George Pantiz, and Alexey Taygin all of whom have experience in finance, trading, and system architect.

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