What is Science Blockchain?

Science Blockchain


There have been different cryptocurrency platform startups and most of them are turning to ICOs the raise funds through the digital currency. As crypto enthusiasts, investors and developers witness a big wave of startups, science Inc. has not been left behind. Science was started in 2011 and was co-founded by Mike Jones and Peter Pham and incubated other startups such as Dogvacay, Wishbone and Dollar Shave Club and other over 70 companies. Science Inc. launched the science blockchain and plans to raise money for the platform development through ICO of up to $1000 million in size.

According to the science team, they believe that the science blockchain is the next major platform for a foundational technology and innovation. It gives both social structure and business the ability to change the way they work. Because of this reason, the blockchain is creating a new incubator that will help them partner with leading entrepreneurs to build a cryptocurrency related to business and a portfolio of the blockchain.

Science ICO

According to general counsel and co-founder Greg Gilman, “it seemed to make sense for the science blockchain to put money where our mouth is. The ICO markets present an interesting opportunity and an interesting way investors can approach the market space.”  He said this to TechCrunch. On the website, they describe August 2 as the pre-announcement date, September 11 the presale data and October 9 as the public sale of the token. In November they will distribute their tokens and November 2018 they are planning to start trading for users and investors.

Science blockchain token

The science token is accepted payments in US dollars, BTC and ETH from accredited investors I exchange for their token. The team will some of the profit to invest in startups. For science investors, they will make money when portfolio companies get acquired. A portion of the returns will be used to buy back tokens during the pre-sale or public sale.

Science blockchain team

The science blockchain was cofounded by Peter Pham, Tom dare and Gregory Gilman. Gilman is the general counsel of the platform and Dare the CFO. Peter, on the other hand, has helped the blockchain to raise over $350 Million since it was incepted. The CEO of the blockchain is Mike Jones. Jones is an investor, strategic advisor, and internet executive. Advisor on science blockchain includes Sean Walsh, Alex Lightman, Jeremy Gardner, Apolo Ohno, Kartik Mandaville and Richard Titus among others.




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