What is Santiment Network Token?

Santiment Network Token (SAN)



Santiment (SAN) is a platform that provides cryptocurrency related data feeds, independent content streams, and a regularly updated database of cryptocurrency projects for reference. It’s going to be providing those data feeds using mobile and web terminals, there is another integration into third-party services such as exchanges and asset management. It means that SAN users will be able to connect the exchange and they will be able to see all of their investments in their SAN account/app.


How SAN works?


According to SAN’s developers, their long-term goal is to transform how financial information in crypto markets is distributed. They also aim to create market standards for cryptocurrency market data, best practices, and project transparency. In a simpler sense, SAN provides its users an app in which all cryptocurrency related is all in a single app. They also have a database called SAN base. What the app does is that it informs the users about the platform’s founders, how it works, and the SAN’s future projects.


The tokens that are being used are referred as the “SAN tokens” if users have these tokens they will be able to get free access to individual data feeds and content streams. The users will be able to buy the tokens using the app on their website; you will be encouraged to hold your tokens and support the SAN’s success.

Santiment video explanation

The SAN’s team is currently composed of 8 members that are registered in Switzerland. They have worked in different companies and projects before and have decided to work together to create an app that they have called “Santiment.” The platform is active on various social platforms. They have partnerships with ICONOMI and the Blockchain Research Lab (BRL). ICONOMI is one of the earliest investors in Santiment and BRL provides financial and technological expertise.


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