What is SaluS?

Salus (SLS)


Understanding SaluS (SLS) for new crypto users is not a difficult task, just simply put it as a cryptocurrency that is based on a decentralized blockchain. A digital currency, which is purposely designed by the developer to increase the value of NAV- an asset value by using several methods. To mention a few, trading and investing in other coins are included.

How SLS works?

The SLS works through utilizing its built-in features and the available features present in other cryptocurrencies as well. If you check SLS in other exchange markets, the digital coin is referred or indicated as SLSC (stands for SaluSCoin) or SLS. According to the SLS’s developers, they have given a supply of around one million SaluSCoins to cryptocurrency enthusiasts who would like to trade the digital currency for the other assets.   



 Refers to the rewards you receive by supporting the network. It could be done by running a node (data communication) or by holding SLSC. There is no maximum stake age, which means that the coins you have transferred into your wallet will just take at least the minimum age, which is 8 hours before the coins to produce stake and will not take up to the maximum age which will require you to wait for long hours to receive your reward.

Staking can also be related to time; you receive a dividend based on the amount of time that has elapsed. The minimum stake is 50, which means that you must have this amount in your wallet before you can participate in the buying and selling of the digital asset.

Holding coins

When you hold SaluSCoins, you will be able to get an annual interest of 1%. The company keeps a SaluS reserve to increase the net asset value of the coins in the future. The reserve comes from the profits generated from affiliate programs. According to SLS’s company, the value of the digital coins is expected to increase 1% every year.

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