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DarkSaga is a decentralized and secure masternodes network that was launched as an open source cryptocurrency on Dec 3, 2017. The network project has a long-term goal. In fact,  it want to create a crypto that is accessible global payment platform. Namely, for the general public, investors, and developers. DarkSaga is maintained by a committed and friendly team. It has many projects on the horizon. But continues to build and innovate on their reputation to launch into the mainstream. The project wants to be an exciting and the most trusted cryptocurrency in the market.

DarKSaga features

DarkSaga has the greatest features of it functionally as a cryptocurrency. The features are also for helping the project to services the general public with secure, convenient and easy payments. These features include:

  • Decentralized: DarkSaga uses the P2P technology to operate a centralized project. There are no banks or central authority featured on the platform and the project.
  • Masternodes: the use of Masternodes on the platform secures blockchain network and help in making transaction instant on the platform.
  • Private: all your payments on the platform is private. In addition, the information is not published for the public and nobody can track you ever.
  • Secure: DarkSaga uses the advanced scrypt hashing to protect the blockchain-based network and its users.
  • Proof of stake: by using the proof of Stake, the project not only provides extra coins to holders by securing the network as it moves forward.
  • Global: User can send and receive payment from all over the world when using the DarkSaga platform.

DarKSaga Wallet and token

DarkSaga provides users with wallets where they can store all their coins once they receive them. The wallets are available for Windows, Apple, and Linux downloads. Darksaga is designed in a way that it can be integrated into other applications such as exchanges, payment platforms, and marketplaces. The aim of the platform is to offer people a seamless utility token on the public market.

About Darksaga

According to the official website, “DarkSaga is maintained by a friendly and committed community and with many exciting projects on the horizon”. It has an aim of leveraging the best minds in the blockchain technology with a mature ecosystem and progression driven by a dedicated foundation team. The aim of the team is to build a global payment platform that is not only for tech-savvy people but for everyone, they want to make sure DarkSaga is used in every city in the world.


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