What is Ruff Chain?

Ruff Chain (RUFF)



Many platforms are emerging that are combining the internet of things technology with the blockchain technology. However, many of these platforms forgo the availability of partition tolerance and consistency. Ruff Chain is a blockchain based platform that combines the blockchain with the Internet of Things. The platform contains an open main chain and distributed operating system that helps in “connecting the Peer to peer network and the consensus mechanism from the virtual world to the reality.”  Ruff Chain allows for availability through the blockchain and Edge Computing combination, making availability available.

Ruff Chain Goal

Ruff Chain has one main aim, to solve the issues of onerous operations and trusted operations between the IOT systems in different domains in the process creating an open ecosystem.

Ruff Nodes

Light Node (Executor)

The light node verifies and executes contracts for users after receiving authentication through the internet request.  The light node verifies things like the releasing of property right. The light node is cheap and easy and does not need storing power.

Full Node (Recorder)

The Full Node records event registration, inform, and modification broadcast of voters. It can also change to the representative node when used by devices with stronger capabilities on the network where the POW consensus algorithm is not used.

Representative Node (Judge)

The Representative Node must stick to the responsibilities and rules for packaging blocks. The node can attain mining income through selling blocks and it must stick to the rules. Once caught in malicious behavior, voters a can forgo it and it will lose the representative qualification.

Control node (SPV Wallet)

The SPV Wallet has the computing power, can store headers and authenticate if the designated exchange of registered. The Control node can also initiate an exchange using the peer to peer protocol security.

Where can you use Ruff Chain?

Ruff can be used in different situations. It can be used in:

  • Rentals and property rights transfers
  • Open data transactions
  • Securitization and asset management

The Ruff Tokens

Validated by the virtual currency contracts, RUFF tokens are the only tokens used in the Ruff Chain platform. The tokens are used as the standards to incentivize, consume and trade in the Ruff Chain community.


Ruff Chain was founded by Roy LI. LI is helped by Advisor/investor Alex Goh, investors DFund, Wen Xin, Huawei Kong, Richard Wang, Wu Gang, and Bian Jiang. All of them have years of experience in the blockchain industry and other fields.

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