What is Rubycoin?

Rubycoin (RBY)


Rubycoin (RBY) is digital cryptocurrency that can be used for instant and secure transfer of value worldwide. The Rubycoin network is a decentralized, peer to peer network. It has no limits and is created and held electronically. Rubycoin has no central governance like a company, government or a bank that governs the way it works. The coin is issued and managed electronically without any central authority. It utilizes blockchain technologies for its functions.

Rubycoin users’ needs to have Rubycoin wallets to enjoy all the functions and services on the Rubycoin platform. The Rubycoin wallet plays an important role on the transactions process on the platform. The network offers user’s occasional stake rewards as compensation for the participation. The Rubycoin is a democratic form of money that represents an alternative way of thinking about saving and privacy in transactions. Anyone using the platform can save and exchange coins and other values in a transparent way without having to trust any central authority or any other person.

Why you can trust Rubycoin

Rubycoin network has different features that make performing tasks on the platform easier.  Some of the features found in Rubycoin platform include:

  • Decentralized: Rubycoin network is a decentralized network, which means there is no governance, bank or company in charge of the network, transactions or its platform.
  • Privacy: when signing for Rubycoin, your name, addresses or other personal information are not linked to your Rubycoin addresses. All your personal information is kept secret from the public.
  • Low inflation: Rubycoin network has one of the lowest inflation rates, which mean the network provides favorable economic conditions of its users.
  • Secure: no one wants to use a platform or network that is not secure. With network consensus and strong encryption, Rubycoin maintains a secure ledger for the benefit of users.
  • Energy efficient: Rubycoin has a small amount of energy that keeps the network secure. Is it eco-friendly and the most energy efficient platforms than other cryptocurrency platforms available.

How to earn Rubycoin

To earn a Rubycoin, you must first purchase the coin on Bitter using Bitcoin. Then you will also need to download official wallet. To keep the coin running as much as possible, you need to withdraw the coins from the exchange wallet to your official Rubycoin wallet. Every user who has balance plays an important role in keeping the network secure, fast and energy-efficient. Rubycoin helps users to be their banks in a decentralized network.

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