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Round (ROUND) is a decentralized eSports platform that allows each participant of the game to earn rounds depending on their roles. It allows members to compete against each other for rounds- a digital token that can convert to real cash or money. It involves betting and playing games that are extremely popular such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, etc.


ROUND project aims to offer unique opportunities for game enthusiasts. It is working to join the environment of cybersports platforms. Cybersports, by the way, refers to developing the sector in which millions of users are competing in online games, which involves betting on the potential winner. The platform involves mainly two things: competition and playing for money.


How ROUND works?


Before betting sets into place, the first step is choosing a game. There will be three core group of participants involved namely: Matchmaker- the one who sets up the game’s regulations and rules. Players- people who take part in the tournament. Observers- watches the game or places bets to their favorite player or group of players.

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The bets collect before the match starts, then the terms of the games will be discussed by the matchmaker. When the game is over, ROUND rewards will automatically send to the winners. The Oracle regulates this- it allows access to external network services, which means that it can deny or grant a resource to a user.


How are ROUNDs earned?


It depends on the role. For matchmakers, they can make money by the entrance fee of observers and from the players. They will also get 10% both from the observer and player’s bets. For the observers, they can earn Rounds by pure betting, also referred as gambling. If they win, they make ROUNDs. Otherwise, they’ll lose some of it. For players, they can earn from the entry fees and bets.


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