What is Rivetz?

Rivetz (RVT)


Currently, the world is experiencing large-scale adoption of technologies such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. All these are smart devices capable of providing users with functionalities, feature and computing power that surpass ordinary phones. But all these technologies are faced with one challenge, security. Rivetz plans to offer a solution to the problem. Rivetz is the next generation cyber security solution that uses a decentralized blockchain technology. Rivetz is a trusted online computing platform that is embedded in most mobile devices as a hidden vault. The platform privately maintains public embarrassment and financial status of several software development concerns,

How does Rivetz Work?

Rivetz aims to deliver cyber-controls that can be used while accessing the services you use on a daily basis. With their decentralized trust model, users can easily access services securely and without relying on third-party apps. To be able to use the platform you have to go through three steps which are:

Registering your device: you have to download the Rivetz app, the app will take a snapshot of your device and store on the Rivetz distributed network.

Verify your device: after taking the snapshot and storing, the app will proceed to identify your phone identity and health status by comparing to other phone health snapshots. This allows users to charge their security level.

Transactional Attestation and Proof: the infrastructure at Rivetz records the details of all transactions. Each transaction has proof that the device that authorized the transaction is in compliance with all the requirements.

Rivetz Video Explanation

Who is behind Rivetz?

Rivetz is founded by Steven Sprague, who is also the chief executive officer (CEO). Along with Steven Sprague, Michael Sprague is the co-founder and the CTO. Michael is an original web veteran and the director and developer of products spanning digital micro-transactions and trusted execution networks. On the other hand, Steven has been the president and CEO of Wave for more than 14 years. Others include mark Hoblit, senior developer, and Sean Gilligan VP engineering.

Rivetz token

Rivetz uses the RvT token for all its transaction and services. The token is a cyber-security token that has an exclusive feature known as the mobile cybersecurity. RvT is used for identification and verification for fund withdrawal by most banks. The token can also be used by local stores for supply chain protection purposes.

Rivetz is a unique security solution platform that helps in enhancing the standards of mobile security and help users protect data more efficiently. The ecosystem protects the privacy, secrets, and finance of Rivetz users.

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