What is Rise?






Rise is an ecosystem for tech startups, businesses, investors, developers and device users. It is a blockchain-based ecosystem powered by a Delegated Proof of Stake(DPos. It’s also a smart contract and Sidechain/ token asset creation. There are other things you need to know about Rise.

What is RISE Delegated Proof of Stake?

Rise DPoS is RISE nodes network that is maintained by 101 Delegates and elected when Rise community members who cast votes using their Rise wallets. The amount of Rise a wallet contains are the one used to gauge the weight of the vote. Once delegates are elected, the active delegates earn rewards for running RISE nodes that confirm a transaction on the blockchain and secures the network.

Development Platform

Rise has a development platform that maximizes accessibility and adoption of Rise through SDKs. SDKs are software Development Kits that enable integration of Rise into apps that run on different operating systems such as Linux, is Windows. The SDKs once developed, they support multiple code languages like C#, JAVA, JavaScript, Python and Ruby among others. RISE mission is using the Development platform and other features to bring Smart Contract creation and basic Decentralized Apps (DAPPs) within the reach of everyone and not just developers. To achieve their mission, RISE team that comprises of CEO and co-founder, Cormac Lucking, co-founder and vice president, Steven Remington, and others came up with user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop building tools to help everyone who wants to use RISE.

Rise features and tools

RISE ecosystem has other features and tools that are beneficial to developers and users respectively. They have:

  • Desktop Wallet, Mobile Application Platforms, and Web Wallets
  • RISE Blockchain Incubator
  • Investment Platform Earn incentives
  • Smart Contract Builder
  • Decentralized Application with multiple code languages to choose from.

All the features can be used for the benefit of the user. They make navigating and performing tasks and transaction on the platform easier than other platforms. Other tools people can use on the platform include:

  • Blockchain explorer
  • Delegate monitor
  • Delegate ranking
  • Web Wallet.

Rise offer secure and fast wallets for everyone. Rise wallets can be accessed on any operating system including Windows, Linux, Mac and even a mobile device. If you want to access decentralized apps on your mobile device Rise ecosystem has made it simple for you. You can use Rise to perform other tasks since it has a Side-chain token.

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