What is RightMesh?




“RightMesh is the world’s first software-based, ad hoc mobile mesh networking platform and protocol using blockchain technology and MESH token to power growth.” This is the description given at the start of the official RightMesh website. RightMesh is a powerful and reliable software solution that enables developers to retrofit existing mobile applications and build new Peer-to-Peer applications and easily integrated into any application without additional hardware or infrastructure. Some of the solution RightMesh offer developers include:

  • Self-forming, self-healing and self-monitoring software
  • Brings connectivity or operated with no internet access.
  • Uses the devices people already have, such as IoT devices and Android phones
  • Uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi inherent in Phones
  • Implements patent pending and switching technology for data integrity and routing
  • Integrates Ethereum blockchain to provide unique identities for nodes
  • Incentives usage and growth with MESH tokens

How does it work?

RightMesh works in five steps which includes using smartphones to form infrastructure and connectivity are achieved via Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The steps that RightMesh uses include:

  • Step 1: Autonomous discovery of devices, users, and applications
  • Step 2: once the other node if found, they remain connected
  • Step 3: it repeats the process and transmits data quickly via three connections across multiple hops
  • Step 4: connects IoT devices, smartphones and web servers in a self, healing, self-forming, self-regulating mesh networks.
  • Step 5: once one node has connectivity, other nodes can use the node to access online application services and other global meshes.

Where can RightMesh be applied?

Since RightMesh puts the power of connectivity into the hands of those who need it, it can use to:

  • Smartphones into nodes and enhance health outcomes, social benefits and lift millions of people out of poverty. RightMesh helps in Geo-specific community-specific needs, health-related alerts and Distance Education.
  • RightMesh can also be used to connect people when you can’t rely on traditional infrastructure. The ecosystem allows users to find and connect with loved ones and use it for messaging, Geo-locating and Emergency Alerts.
  • It makes connectivity better, stronger and faster for conferences, university campuses and congested areas like city parks and train stations.
  • Gives user freedom of connection and to generate, massaging, security and peace of mind.


Team members behind RightMesh ecosystem include Dr. David Wang, an applied research engineering scientist, Saju Abraham, Chief Product officer and John Lyotier and Co-founder & CEO. The team includes developer, advisors and other experts.

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