What is Rialto?

Rialto (XRL)


Cryptocurrency ecosystem and blockchain enthusiasts have seen how the ecosystems have evolved over the years. The wonderful idea of crypto financing and the blockchain industry will only evolve further if the efficiency in the underlying market. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is facing market deficiency and inspiration to make people launch their projects. The prices are different across different exchanges because of demand. Supply varies according to the characteristics and limitation of the markets of capital flows between countries. RIALTO.AI promises to offer solutions to the problems.

What is RIALTO.AI?

RIALTO.AI is a team and trading economist, data scientists and signal processing experts for arbitrage and market making. By providing matching orders and liquidity, RIALTO plans to connect crypto markets and increase market efficiency while earning a fraction of the transaction made. RIALTO.AI mission is to become the largest market maker in the cryptocurrencies landscape, blockchains transactions, and digital assets.

How RIALTO.AI will offer solutions for cryptocurrency ecosystem

The situation in the crypto market is not different from other markets. For instance, arbitrage and market making funds are crucial for the reliability of financial markets and effectiveness. The same goes for crypto markets. RIALTO.AI serves the cryptocurrency market with liquidity, it provides Liquidity, matching orders thus improving efficiency.

RIALTO.AI constantly monitor the markets for inefficiencies and new gaps from which they can profit. As the blockchain industry grows with tremendous speed, RIALTO.AI takes advantage of the situation. They have experts on financial software development, machine learning, and data mining. For those who have read the RIALTO.AI white paper, the site promises to build a successful sustainable project that understands the need for arbitrage and market making in the crypto market.

RIALTO coins

RIALTO.AI platform uses its token or coin called the XRL token. XRL tokens are used to acquire services, trading, and transaction on the platform. After acquiring them, XRL tokens are then sent to users address. Token allocations are calculated based on conversion rates and the Value raised by phase either in the Pre-Crowdsale and the Priority Pass.

A bigger percentage of the total funds represent the Digital Asset Pools of the RIALTO.AI. This helps the platform to keep the algorithms running. Once the asset pool on one gateway dries up, the algorithms run without the need doe forced stops. The rest of the funds raised goes to development and software maintenance, outsourcing costs, incorporation expenses, legal expenses and IT security and compliance.

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