What is Rexpax?

Rexpax (REXX)

Millions of people have things they no longer use in their home. They hide many items behind the walls of their homes and other of their neighbors and friends. Based in Minsk, Belarus, Rexpax is the first ever Home Online marketplace where people can get value from their existing items. Rexpax unites people to make it possible for them to share items and services using the Rexpax platform. You can make better use of your resource and items by sharing them, sell, flip and create additional income. You can also meet new friends and have fun with the help of Rexpax.


Rexpax has two main features that make it the best platform for people from different areas and backgrounds. These features are the sharing economy and the blockchain. Here is the difference between the features.

Sharing economy: with the sharing economy, the project’s philosophy is solving the problems of thing’s availability. The sharing economy model provides an active interaction between groups with common interest. It also allows people to profit from items without the need of owning them.

Blockchain: the Rexpax Blockchain is designed to solve the problems of sharing economy. The process gives rise to a new economy since the basis of sharing economy and blockchain of mutual consumption are of the same value.

Benefits of REXX

Rexpax has four main benefits that anyone with items that they don’t use at home can enjoy. The benefits include:

Give away: People with items can help others by giving their items that are in good conditions. They can give them to friends, family or to a charity using the platform. It is very easy to find those in need using the platform to give them what you no longer need.

Rent out: If you don’t want to give away, you can always get efficiency out of normally idle assets by renting them out to people on the platform. The items will automatically appear in the catalog along with used and new items.

Lend: You can also give out the items you don’t need by lending them to someone, then get them back after a period of time. You can track who’s got your item on the platform.

Sell: The last benefit of the platform it to sell. If you don’t need your garage, closet or attic, you can sell them for hundreds of dollars on the platform.

Rexpax is led by Mikhail Siaredich, CEO, and Founder, Artem Barouski is the co-founder and COO of the platform among others.

Project is no longer live

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