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The traditional methods of buying and selling real estates have failed to keep up with the evolution of technology and the expectations of the public. Participants in property games have been forced to deal with listing services that subject visitors to intrusive advertising and charging excessive fees. With the inclusion of REX, all is about to change for the better in the real estate industry. The multiple listing services that monopolize the real estate market and dictate conditions and fees are about to change altogether.

What is REX?

REX is a revolutionary new global listing platform that users can use to list and search for properties. REX is a platform where users and not bombarded by ads, you are in control of your data, where transactions take days and not months. The platform pays user to participate in the services of the platform.

Feature of REX

Search: users can search for real estate globally because the platform has listings that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere for free.

List: since the platform has listed, it pays participants to contribute data to their platform. Instead of paying for listing services, you get paid for the listing data you provide for the platform.

Transact: transaction on the platform happens in days and not in months. For example, if you are being paid for data, it will only take a couple of days to get your reward.

REX tokens

REX tokens are the token used on the platform. The tokens are global which enables worldwide participation. REX is hosted on a global P2P infrastructure which means there is no access restriction re paywalls, anyone can view and list properties for free. Participants are rewarded using the REX token.

4 phase approach

REX uses a $ phase approach on its platform. 4 phases include:

  • Phase 1: building of a free, open and global database
  • Phase 2: creating of advanced database filtration using machine learning and human duration
  • Phase 3: implementation of title, financial and escrow processes.
  • Phase 4: Enable real estate tokenized ownerships and transactions.

Who is behind REX?

REX was founded by two cofounder and principles. Stephen King is one of the co-founders, he is an entrepreneur with a focus in the blockchain industry and commercial real estate industry, another one is Russell McLernon who is a technology strategist with more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software development. The team includes a group of advisors and other experts.


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