What is Rega?

REGA Risk Sharing (RST)


Consumers can share many things, including the economy and modern technology that makes sharing assets cheaper and easier than any other time. But there are things that users don’t share such as financial services like insurance because of the fear of the risk assessment involved. The REGA Risk Sharing platform offers users a new standard for the insurance market. The platform has a state of art technology that makes here everyone has a new segment of the shared economy.

What is the REGA Risk Sharing?

The REGA Risk Sharing platform has a fundamental difference with others conventional insurances in terms of rules, foundations, and philosophy. The platform leverages their over 20 years of experience in risk assessment and scoring. The team behind the REGA Risk Sharing platform is creating a platform where it can unite groups to protect each other. The team introduced a new term, Crowdsurance in the platform. Crowdsurance in the community inseparably connected with blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization.

Features of the REGA Risk Sharing Platform

The features and key facts about the REGA platform are divided into the REGA Risk sharing platform features and the products. The key facts and feature of REGA products and the platform include:

  • Direct: no brokers and no agents.
  • PAY less: users of the products of REGA pay 50% compared to standard insurance products.
  • No pain is No gain: Raga has a legitimate payment request with a flat admin fee of 20% of the contribution, there is also no conflict between the company and a client.
  • Convention: there are no paperwork or queues needed only a familiar messengers like Skype, Facebook or telegram.
  • Transparency: REGA payments and transaction are made on a public blockchain.
  • Privacy: no personal information is displayed on the public blockchain
  • Social: community members can help each other by sharing and communication.
  • Fast: easy payments and instant coverage
  • Crowdfunding: REGA uses the RST token to finance the development of the platform and its products.
  • Crowd coding: users are allowed to use community of software engines to improve the platform.

Rega Risk Sharing Video Explanation

The RST token

REGA risk Sharing Token (RST) is the utility token of the platform. The token is not sharable. The token can be sued for continues liquidity, meaning there is no need to convert to other cryptocurrency thanks to the Bancor protocol. Features of the RST token include price discovery, limited emission, Proof-of-Stake, and open market.

REGA Risk sharing was found by CEO/founder Sergei Sevriugin and CTO/founder Victor Chernyshev. Roman Ischenko is the Chief Architect and Sergey Kiselev who is the Business Development and CMO.


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