Reddcoin (RDD)




Reddcoin (RDD) is a decentralized digital currency that makes the process of sending and receiving money on Social networks rewarding for everyone. According to its developers, the RDD is more like a social currency for the digital age that enriches people’s social lives and stays accessible to the billions of individuals around the world connected by Social Media. Reddcoin achieves this by providing a unique platform that allows people to send money on any Social Network to anyone in the world, which revolutionizes the payment industry by introducing instant money transfer with 0% transaction fees to both senders and receivers.


How RDD works?


Anytime you read, listen, or watch content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other Social Network; the Reddcoin platform allows you to go beyond the “Favorite,” “Like,” or “Retweet” buttons, it lets you tip money instantly with a simple click of a button. The RDD helps followers to show more love and appreciation to family, friends, and members and to offer a new stream of income to content creators through micro-donations.


RDD uses a new environmentally friendly process called minting, which levels the playing field by allowing anyone to participate in the minting process regardless of their technical abilities. Minting is the process of getting a percentage in return for your participation in completing a transaction. Anyone can mint new Reddcoins with a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone on the go that provides various social features to increase engagement among Reddcoin users.

Reddcoin video explanation

The Reddcoin protocol further rewards those who contribute to the security of the network by just keeping their secure wallets connected online which acts as the nodes (communication data) on the decentralized global Reddcoin network.


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