What is Red Pulse?

Red Pulse (RPX)



In today’s information age, market data shortage and financial research is not a thing that people have to deal with. However, due to historically entrenched market dynamics, financial research production and distributing are dominated by a few gatekeepers. This forces research consumers to accept water is available and data analysts are prevented from having a voice. Red Pulse intends to use the RPX cryptocurrency to fairly and directly incentives research producers for their works at the same time providing consumers with a mechanism that will guide research coverage and provide fair compensation.

What does Red Pulse do?

Red Pulse (RPX) is a market intelligence platform that covers capital markets and China’s economy. By creating a global community, the platform incentivizes participants to produce truly relevant research and providing technology-based analysis tools.  The aim of Red Pulse is to solve the problems that many people face today which is information overload.

The RPX token

Red Pulse uses the RPX token in all the transactions of the platform. The token has many benefits for users and the platform. Here are some reasons why Red Pulse prefers using the RPX token.

Payment scaling issues

We all know that major cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin have issues when it comes to scaling. Each payment incurs transaction fees. The RPX allows both consumers and content producers to keep a running “tab” and set thresholds for either manual or automatic exchanges to other currencies. The method minimizes the frequency of transaction and reduces aggregate fees.

Building a community

RPX token allows the Red Pulse platform to create a common language and value system to build a community around. Ultimately, the RPX is a rallying point and attracts participants. Both content consumers and producers can access new research contents in specific areas. The process used is similar to a request for proposal (RFP) process.

Managing the monetary supply

By establishing the RPX token allows Red Pulse underlying currency driving the content ecosystem. The platform can manage the money supply need to ensure fairness of research content price setting and crypto payment system.

The purpose of the RPX token is to use it to incentivize and compensate research producers for valuable and relevant research on the financial markets. The RPX token is used to compensate content producers to encourage them to create better analysis results in terms of net upvotes. The research is mostly done on the China’s financial market and the RPX allows research producers to earn a preset amount of RPX put up by interested research consumers.




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