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Real Estate Asset Ledger (REAL) is a new Ethereum smart Contracts that is governed by the blockchain ecosystems. Further more, the real system applies blockchain technologies. As a result, it gives greater access to global investment in real estate. In addition, the enormous real estate investment technology industry can increase market liquidity. The platform turns cryptocurrencies into the less volatile by generating value appreciation and rental income.

Real Estate crypto crowdfunding

According to Forbes, the Real estate crowdfunding is ever-evolving and becoming a dynamic industry. The growing estimated in the real estate crowdfunding stood at an estimated $3.5 billion in the year 2016. The crowdfunding industry wants the ears estate industry to be valued at $300 billion-plus. Clearly enabling online marketplaces to capitalize on the explosive growth. Thanks to the Real platform, everyone stands to benefit from the profits potential worldwide at the same time transacting with ease.

How does Real Estate Asset Ledger work?

The Real site uses Real tokens to pay for products and services on the platform. For instance, users are allowed to acquire economic rights of the Real Estate assets using the REAL tokens. Following acquiring the economic rights, users now have the opportunity to invest in the platform. To clarify, investments are made on a daily basis and after the investment users receive their share of the rental profits. When investments are liquidated (sold to another user or sold for a profit in the marketplace at REAL second market option) users receive back their REAL tokens plus the generated profits.


It assures users better and convenient transaction and services. Real platform is created with the idea of making things easy for users. Some of the features found on the platform include:

  • 100% asset-backed: REAL tokens are 100% asset-backed. This minimizes the risk involved during and after transactions and volatility of cryptocurrencies.
  • Solid foundation: the foundation the REAL platform is built on a reputable founding team, legal company and solid financials.
  • Global reach: REAL coins enable global investment from an Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet.
  • No minimum investment: investing in real estate is reserved for substantial sums. REAL has no minimum investment barriers for its users.

Real is confident that Real Estate Crowdfunding platform  that integrate blockchain will revolutionize the market.  As a result, making it a better and convenient.  Clearly, offering a better place for investors, trader, and participants from all corners of the world. The investment made on REAL will be paid using Ether.

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