What is RChain?

RChain (RHOC)




The RChain is a new blockchain platform in a formal model of decentralized and concurrent computation. The cooperative is leveraging the model through correct-by-construction software development to compositional, produce, concurrent and infinitely scalable blockchain. According to RChain Architecture document, “to become a blockchain solution with industrial-scale utility. RChain must provide content delivery at the scale of Facebook and support transaction set the speed of Visa.” The blockchain solution concluded that the near-term, and current blockchain architectures to meet the requirements of users.

RHOC tokens

RChain uses the RHOC token. The RHOCs are Ethereum token issued by the Co-op. The RChain sold about 200 million RHOC tokens in circulation. The Token and the platform is Turing complete, Byzantine fault-talents and replicated.

Rchain platform

The RChain platform is supported by the Rho Virtual Machine with three characteristics which are independence, performance, and scalability.

  • Scalability: as the RChain platform grows, the nodes initialize a new instance of RhoVM to help in managing the road. The process allows the platform to scale linearly while keeping consistency, code complexity and performance constant.
  • Independence: each instance of RhoVM executes an independent set of smart contracts on an independent network and blockchain only when necessary. This design is built with self-sufficiency in mind. It also represents a victory unique to RChain.
  • Performance: the RhoVM instances are lightweight and multi-threaded so that multiple high-performance instances can exist on a single node. The application helps RChain achieve unprecedented availability, response time and open a new landscape of decentralized applications suitable for the modern market.

Who is behind RChain?

RChain is led by a group of experts with years of experiences. The CFO and Treasurer of the platform are Lisa Rice. Lisa is in charge of the Co-op finances. She has experience in a broad range of industries and businesses from both the private and public equity help companies. Another member of the team is Evan Jensen. Evan is the secretary for the RChain Cooperative. His task is to create and revise important documentation for the cooperative.

Other members include COO, Kenny Rowe, Patrick Maguire, Community Lead and Lawrence Lerner, Marketing Lead among others. The president of the RChain Cooperative is Greg Meredith.

RChain uses a scalable and concurrent smart-contract language, in addition, the Meta-programming, reactive data streams and pattern matching in a bid to leverage a message-passing parading to optimize responsiveness and offer sophisticated and dynamic a smart contract ecosystem.



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