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Radium is verification protocol and software that allows investors, developers, and business to ensure the validity of files, data, and transaction and much more. According to the founder, Justin Jocabeen, The main aim of Radium is to allow people to use Blockchains for most of their financial transactions. 90% of crypto coins are based on allowing people use Blockchains for financial transactions including Bitcoin. Radium offers two products: the Radium SmartChain, the SmartChain extend far beyond the standard use of the radium coin and the radium core.

What is Radium SmartChain?

The Radium SmartChain is both a software and a protocol program used by Radium users to harness the distributed irreversibility of blockchain technology. The program is a combination of new protocols and software that provide a framework the development of advanced function based on the blockchain. Anyone can use the Radium SmartChain to adopt and utilize the power of Proof-of-Ownership and Proof-of-existence. All are 100% decentralized and powered by Smart Transactions.

What is the Radium Core?

The software allows clients to interact with and read data from SmartChain data-layer through the standard RPC connections. The RPC connections are connected to the Radium wallet. The Radium core is the foundation of the Radium SmartChain technology. The radium core is powered by people from around the world. While the SmartChain maintains the benefits of a permission-ed system, the radium core maintains the benefits of a permission-less blockchain.


Radium additional features

Radium (RADS)  offers users additional SmartChain services that allow them to interact with other users and perform transactions easily on the platform. The additional features found on the Radium platform include:

  • SmartChain Verify-windows: SmartChain Verify-windows that allow the user to check a local file against file hashes recorded in the radium Blockchain.
  • SmartChain Verify-Linux: SmartChain Verify-Linux accomplishes the same thing as SmartChain Verify-windows but taking advantage of specific efficiencies found in Linux.
  • SmartChain Verify-web: SmartChain Verify-web provides all functions that Linux and windows perform, but on a web based application. This is the best option for people who like to check a download link before they download the file.

Users of the Radium SmartChain must have an unlocked Radium wallet to perform functions on the platform. Currently, functions of radium include, username-Address linking, identity verification, Proof of existence text notes and file hashing + verification, Radium send, radon asset Transfer, and Abuse prevention. Radium is available on Virtual Private Servers using the Azure Quick start Template.


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