What is QunQun?

QunQun (QUN)


Since the blockchain technology was formed, it experiences an explosive growth in 2017, because of the many company startups and because many people came to know and to use cryptocurrencies and crypto games for business purposes. However, with the explosive growth came, users started experiencing problems that they never used to experience before.  In a bid to enrich the social application of the blockchain, the Qun Qun platform was formed.

What is the QunQun Platform?

The QunQun (QUN) platform is a blockchain based community platform with an aim of offering community app store that provides abundant entertainment and functions application for everyone. It’s a platform where users can create their theme community without any deployment and coding and at the same time obtain QUN incentives from the incentive pool by operating their community on the platform. To promote the community ecosystem, a new community is generated after every six minutes. You can create an initiatory community on the platform by paying for the community platform toll in QUN. Every community has unique keyword convenient for memory and access to community members.

QunQun features and benefits

Construct group

One of the features that the user benefits from being the ability to construct their own group. QunQun is a one-stop solution for people who want to create a unique community without any threshold.

Shared user: QunQun provides a unique cross-site interaction mechanism which allows users to stroll to other communities and also transfer anyone with an interest in the community.

Incentive: there is also a QunQun reward where anyone can choose to use to obtain token incentives. All you need to do is operate your community on the platform or participate in contributions of communities.

Transaction: if you are a community manager, you can obtain token incentives by operating your own community. Communities with high activity have a better chance of selling at higher prices.

Qun Qun Products

Community exchange

If you are a community manager, you can obtain token incentives be operating your community and at the same time allow the value of your community to grow with the improvement of users scale. Other product elements if QunQun includes:

  • Economic system
  • Transmit
  • Account system
  • App store
  • Exchange market and more.

QunQun team

The team behind QunQun consists of members from the Qihoo 360 and the founding team of Huajiao Live. Led by Bo Shen, founding partner of Fenbushi and Li Xiaolai founder of INBlockchain, the team is good at creating internet products with high expectations.

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