What is Quantum Resistance Ledger (QRL) ?

Quantum Resistance Ledger (QRL)



The world is transforming, and so is the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world. The future of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world will be shaped by the determined resilience and innovative vision. Moore’s law is proving to be true as it has done for the last two decade. The new paradigm is on the horizon. Thus, it is essential to consider what is happening in the blockchain world. There are world-shifting opportunities and known and salient threats. The threats are to those who are unprepared and those who don’t want to adapt to the changing times. As all of these happen, the risk mitigation options and the role of various technologies including the blockchain networks.

We are living in a continual change of time, and everything is changing from better to worse or from worse to better. Currently, the leading organization leading the change in the blockchain networks is the Quantum resistant ledger. The Quantum Resistance Ledger (QRL) is a public blockchain Ledger designed to secure salient and known threats against the quantum computing advances. Unlike other ledgers like Ethereum and Bitcoin, the QRL is design uses post-quantum secure signature for the XMSS transactions. Quantum Resistant Ledger is resistant to both quantum and classical computing attack.

The case for QRL

The QRL provides a clear value proposition to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, crypto-assets and users. Aside from the diverse team, the QRL blockchain network has an intrinsic value used to merit that immerses value within the next coming years. Because of the arrival of quantum computing, the network design and the current algorithms of blockchain technology are vulnerable to attack vectors. The QRL serves as a store of value and the ultra-secure vault within a specialized roadmap designed specifically for the blockchain network.

Why does the QRL case matters

The QRL matters because the elliptic curve digital signatures (one of the standard approaches to encryption) is at the foundation of the blockchain security. The QRL is more important because the conceptual core of the blockchain technology, a peer-to-peer ledger of transaction or accounts that can be secured through the cryptographic proofs and other multiple sources.

While many transactions depend on trust, including money transaction, blockchain relies on security. The value of the blockchain technology and digital assets are based on trust as the foundation, so crypto enthusiasts, financial tech innovator, crypto traders, and visionaries can hold to quantum resistant ledger because of security and the ability to support an internet of value.

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