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Digital assets and the cryptocurrency markets are relatively small compared to traditional financial markets, but they have a number of crypto coins and digital currencies that allows investors to enter the new and fast-growing ecosystems. One of the coins found in the digital asset and cryptocurrency markets is the Quantum. Quantum is an Ethereum-based protocol with a deflationary currency the quantum token.

What is the quantum project?

The quantum projects is a project that aims at bringing institutional grade liquidity to the digital asset and the cryptocurrency markets. The project wants to create liquidity pools of funds and allow the crypto community to participate in the depth of various order books. The tokens will be sold and traded on various crypto markets across the globe.

What is the liquidity pool?

The liquidity pool is used to speed up the destruction process of the quantum tokens and add more upside potential to the value of a quantum token. The quantum project reserves a some of its tokens to support further development and increase the size of liquidity pool to boost the ability to make the crypto markets grow and more liquid in the near future.

The quantum token

The quantum tokens are issued on the Ethereum network and are freely traded on the open market. The Ethereum project allows the creation of smart contracts and provides users with a transaction system that is fast and secure.

Issuance of Quantum Tokens

Quantum, tokens are issued and distributed among investors 30 days after the presale period.  The amount of token issued is based on funds collected during the presale. The tokens issued will be final. All instructions are sent to email addresses of investors during the presale period. The instruction includes how to take delivery of the Quantum tokens.

Risk management

The quantum project has one of the best risk management models available. The risk management model mitigate any potential loss of funds. They have been backtested since Bitcoin inception and will be modified to meet the needs of risk management in any currency and digital asset trading on open markets. All the funds deployed in the digital asset markets are held in secure multi-signature vaults under the Quantum ecosystem.

The difference between Quantum and other cryptocurrencies is the fact that new units in a mining process. Quantum tokens are destroyed constantly in a process that causes the value of Quantum to increase over time.

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