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In recent days, blockchain technology has gained a lot of attention from different companies across the industry, most of these companies are looking to adapt to the blockchain technology and some have already adapted. The increase in demand in the blockchain sector, followed by innovation has given rise to many platforms one of them is Qtum. Qtum is an innovative smart contract technology that has received validation of consumer demand through crowd sale.

What is Qtum?

Qtum is an application platform that is decentralized and combines a fork of Bitcoin Core infrastructure with an inter-compatible EVM and other multiple Virtual Machines. EVM is an Ethereum Virtual Machine used by Qtum. By combing the two, Qtum combines the best features and benefits of both platforms – endless possibilities offered by Ethereum smart contracts and Bitcoin unfailing blockchain.

Qtum video explanation

The people who developed Qtum aim at providing an end-to-end multi-platform blockchain solution. The solution will cater for a range of application across as many devices as possible. This breakthrough is made possible by eliminating the need software to create, depot and manage smart contracts. With its potential application and specialty of Qtum, Qtum application is available in low storage environments such as mobile phones and IoT applications. The availability and accessibility have turned into an attractive investment for people who are engaged in the cryptocurrency community.

Qtum holds the Qtum crowdsale that has received tremendous response from the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency community. To participate in the Qtum crowdsale when the sale is on, you need to carefully read and understand all the agreement and prospectus found on their website. Before the transactions, you have to confirm that you fully understand and accept their user’s agreement. The agreement includes:

  • Agreement on Qtum crowdsale participation
  • Prospectus on Qtum crowdsale.

This process is necessary because of the high-risk nature of crypto-token crowdsale.

Recently, an increase in demand for Qtum tokens has forced the platform to reallocate token between exchanges. Participating exchanges like Allcoin, Yunbi, and BTC9 have all been allocated with addition Qtum tokens to meet the rising demand of the Token from consumers. The Qtum smart contract has exceeded the expectations and the cryptocurrency community. People are joining Qtum and it is becoming one of the favorite cryptocurrency platforms in the business world and the blockchain industry. With the blockchain community running alongside each other, Qtum brings them together with their innovative smart contracts.


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